Scalable Consulting Solutions

The combination of our own consultants and a solid partner network gives us the competence and flexibility our customers need to achieve their business goals. Through curiosity, enthusiasm and technological insight, we create solutions that provide lasting value.

The link between business and IT is our committed architects, who work in interdisciplinary teams together with project managers, service designers and developers, amongst others. You will be involved throughout the process, so that your business needs is the guideline for progress.

Relevant keywords are automation, virtualization, cloud services, security and identity, system architecture, solution architecture, business architecture, functional architecture and framework conditions and regulations in the public sector.
Cyber Security
Getting control of your digital vulnerability can seem complex and demanding, but it has never been more important. Our experienced advisors help you deal with the risk.

Relevant keywords are management systems for data security / cyber security, mapping of digital values, risk and vulnerability assessments, security audits, privacy, GDPR, culture building, quality systems
User experience and service design
The best services and user experiences are the result of interdisciplinary collaboration. That's why our UX consultants work in interdisciplinary teams and include users throughout the process.

Relevant keywords are graphic design, visual design, UX, interaction design, service design, user insight, usability, user testing, needs analysis, universal design
Project services
To succeed with a digital transformation, it is crucial to change the culture of the business. Our change leaders work with the people in a project and are driven in culture building. We help you through the process from start to finish and support us with reputable methods that we have good experience with.

Relevant keywords are PRINCE2 and the project guide for the Norwegian Digitization Directorate, flexible principles from Scrum, Kanban and Lean, needs clarification, concept studies, project proposals, procurement processes, project implementation, implementation, profit realization.
We help you make good strategic choices. Our experienced consultants in technology management have a background as advisors, managers and specialists and combine niche expertise with broad expertise. First, we make sure we get a holistic understanding of the task we are going to solve for you, so that we can recommend the most suitable solutions.

Relevant keywords are information management and archives, strategic consulting, IT governance, procurement, change processes, organizational changes, ICT consulting, quality assurance, profit realization, restructuring, needs analysis, change management, rollout