Business Transformation Services

Our expertise in business transformation enables organizations to cultivate individuals and teams prepared for the digital age.

Project and Change Management
To succeed with a digital transformation, it is crucial also to work with the culture of the business. Our change management leaders work project based with the people and are experienced culture building professionals. We help you through the process from start to finish and are supported by reputable methods that we are familiar with.
System development
System development is about far more than development competence. Our consultants ensure insight into the whole range of your needs and are able to work proactively with others involved in the project. Decisions are made by those who know the challenges, problems and causes best. Through genuine interest in the craft and curiosity about technological trends, we work systematically to stay up to date on developments, both in terms of subject and method.
User experience and service design
The best services and user experiences are the result of interdisciplinary collaboration. That's why our UX consultants work in interdisciplinary teams and include users throughout the process
Insight and data analysis
Based on large amounts of information about the market, products, customers and competitors, you can make quick decisions that pay off in the long run. However, few exploit the potential, and even fewer use data to automate decisions and processes. It does not have to be complicated or expensive to make data your competitive advantage. Let us help you.
The link between business and IT is our committed architects, who work in interdisciplinary teams together with project managers, service designers and developers. Our clients are deeply involved in the process, and it is always the client needs and desired outcomes that are guiding the progress.  
Test and quality
We have certified test leaders and testers who are experienced in detecting errors and omissions at an early stage in a project. Thus, we ensure an efficient implementation of the project and a good end result. Our professionals cover everything from user testing to performance tests and can go into different types of projects either on the supplier side or on the client side.
Digital security
Working with digital security may seem complex and demanding, but it has never been more important. Our experienced advisors help you manage the risk  
Strategic advisors
We help you make good strategic choices. Our experienced consultants in technology management have a background as advisors, managers and specialists and combine niche expertise with broad knowledge of both technology and industry. Before we recommend the best solutions for our clients we will always seek to obtain an holistic understanding of the task we are going to solve. 

Our Services

IT Consulting

Leading digital transformation practices through our network of consultants, experts and partners.

Project Services

Providing business-critical IT project expertise and implementation of new solutions.

Managed Services

Managing IT resourcing, application maintenance and operations so you can focus on your core business.

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