Daniel Moltkau, IT consultant

Daniel Moltkau is a consultant with Experis IT. His main motivation for being a part of the Experis team is the flexibility that it offers.


-I’ve acquired strong interpersonal skills, by working with diverse groups face-to-face, and by being a part of different workplaces and work environments.Through educational training and employment, Daniel’s gained valuable experience in instructional and administrative duties.

-I’m not anonymous

Daniel feels that being an Experis consultant has allowed him a unique opportunity to stand out from “the crowd”.

– Assignment based work ensures I’m always involved in businesses’ core projects. My expertise is constantly needed, and allows me to contribute significantly. The flexibility is one of the things I love the most about my job in Experis. Experis is a stable employer in the Norwegian job market and a perfect place to build and strengthen your career path and options.

Daniel’s current position through Experis

Since January, Daniel has been working as an AutoCAD Designer at Statnett, responsible for operating the power transmission lines and 150 power stations across Norway.

-My work assignments generally consist of generating technical drawings, using the computer aided drafting system AutoCAD, and collecting data from concessionaires.