Experis Secure Supply Chain

Experis Secure Supply Chain consists of the following elements: • Condition measurement • Audit report with action plan • Vulnerability mapping

Mesaurement of the cyber security state

The condition survey provides a basis for assessing the maturity of cyber security for companies in the SME sector. A self-assessment is carried out based on a digital questionnaire. Questionnaires are based on the controls in ISO27001 but have been reformulated and structured so that they can be easily answered by companies that do not have their own resources within digital security.


There are 36 questions in these areas:

  • Management and management of digital security
  • Privacy and GDPR
  • Training and safety culture
  • Operation and management of IT
  • Identity and access control
  • Contingency and incident management
  • Web and mail domains


Experis provides a report that indicates the level of maturity of the company, and which contains specific recommendations on what the company should address over the next 12 months.

Both the questionnaire and the report are available in Norwegian, English and Swedish.

Vulnerability mapping

Experis offers technical vulnerability mapping of suppliers' infrastructure or critical services. It is assumed that the IP addresses to be mapped are available from the internet (outside mapping).


Silje Helen Dyvik Experis
Silje Helen Dyvik Experis
Silje Helen Dyvik, Cybersecurity Customer Manager
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