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We offer security services for small and large businesses that provide continuous value. We help you make security work better and less resource-intensive, so you can focus on your core business.

Security advice
Security advice Get help with the security work

We help you with safety management. Our advisors are experts in security management and we can help you both define and succeed with the right level of security, tailored to your business.

Digital security is about solving complex challenges at the intersections of risk management, organization, technology and privacy. Experis puts your company in focus, and we want to help you set good, realistic goals for safety work.

What we can assist with:

  • Safety management system
  • Risk-and vulnerability analysis
  • Security audit
  • Mapping of digital security culture
  • Privacy and GDPR
  • CISOaaS
  • Supplier assessment
  • Security architecture
  • Security in the cloud
Security course IT

Security course IT Gain competence and knowledge about IT security

Knowledge is a prerequisite for good safety. You may have many technical barriers and advanced security systems, but still experience computer security breaches due to human error assessments.

Experis assists small and medium-sized companies with security, and develops services that help increase knowledge and understanding of data security among employees.

The biggest threat is rarely targeted hacker attacks, but attempts to trick employees through emails to get them to provide sensitive information. Training is therefore crucial for users to be more aware of any threats.

Our certified course instructors are experts in their fields and we offer reputable, high-quality courses for various roles in the company. We have a comprehensive course catalog where you will find everything from advanced certification courses, courses on security management and security in the cloud, to general courses on data security that are suitable for everyone. We have our own course center with certified instructors, and we also offer courses in their own premises or as e-learning.

Here is a complete list of available trainings.

Safety testing

Safety testing Security testing Reveals the company's vulnerabilities before others do

Safety testing is part of the preventive safety work. With our tests, you will get answers on where the business is vulnerable, and not least how you should prioritize measures and resources to reduce risk.

Experis can help your company with various types of security tests, ranging from advanced penetration tests to effective vulnerability surveys and social manipulation. We assist in defining your needs, and through various tests we will be able to reveal and document vulnerabilities in applications, services, processes and infrastructure. As part of this work, our experts will produce a concrete list of activities to remove vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of attacks.

What we can assist with:

  • Penetration test inside and outside
  • Vulnerability scan
  • Testing of applications and websites
  • Social manipulation
Security monitoring

Security monitoring Detect cyber-attacks before they do damage

Incidents can occur even in a company with good safety routines, and when something happens it is important to act quickly to limit the extent of the damage.

Experis can help you understand and respond to the real risk picture through services from our Security Operations Center (SOC). We use state-of-the-art technology to detect advanced threats, and our experts make sure you know immediately about an attack on your business. You get alerts about security incidents when they happen and can take action before the attack can do harm, Continuous cyber surveillance will also give you valuable insight into what is going on in your networks, and a very good basis for working effectively and purposefully with digital security.

What we can assist with:

  • Continuous monitoring and notification
  • Log analysis
  • Deployment of advanced sensors
  • Intrusion detection and contraception
  • Full visibility in your network
Experis Secure Foundation365

Experis Secure Foundation365 Awareness raising for all employees

Good computer security is less technical than many people think. The biggest threat to small and medium-sized businesses is not targeted hacker attacks, but attempts to trick employees into opening attachments, providing sensitive information or sending money.

The digital value chains are not stronger than the weakest link. After all, the security of your business can be crucial to protecting your customers. As early as 2015, the National Security Authority warned that hackers use small subcontractors to break into large companies. It can give them control over great values and critical infrastructure. ‘

Experis Secure Foundation365 consists of six modules that are an annual safety and maturity evaluation of the company, with tailored recommendations to management, protection against attacks via e-mail, an e-learning program and regular safety tips for all employees.

The service contains:

  • Condition measurement
  • Email protection
  • E-learning course
  • Safety tips
  • Phishing simulation
  • Security Advisor



Experis Secure Supply Chain

Experis Secure Supply Chain Risk management in digital value chains

We help your company assess the safety of subcontractors, with a focus on both safety management and technical safety. Your company gets an overview of the security situation of the subcontractors and warns about which vulnerabilities should be sealed to make them even more secure.

Relevant keywords are Value chain, risk assessment, security audit, vulnerability scanning, vulnerability mapping, supply chain.

Security services

Security services Security services tailored to the needs of the business

All companies are exposed to digital threats, but it may require specialist expertise to ensure good digital security. This means, among other things, that the company must have good management processes for digital security in place, that the technology is protected against attacks, that all employees are given the right training, and that the readiness to handle incidents is in place.

With our services, you get the opportunity to work holistically with the digital security area, or only with the parts that you are focusing on right now. Our experts are ready to help your company with digital security services, tailored to your needs.

We help your company, whether you have just started working with digital security, or if you need help to improve what you already have in place.

Experis authorized training center

Experis is an authorized training center for the world’s leading cybersecurity trainings. Among our partners are ISC2, EC Council and PECB and our scheduled trainings spans from Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Ethical Hacker to various ISO trainings like Lead Implementer and Lead Auditor. We can also tailor trainings for your organization, from technical to leadership, depending on your need.


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- Good cyber security starts with people
Morten Stoa, Leader Cyber Security Experis

One can have many technical barriers and advanced security systems, but still experience that cyber security is breached due to human error assessments. Experis wants to assist small and medium-sized companies with security, and has therefore developed a service that helps to increase knowledge and understanding of cyber security among employees.