Experis helps Inspera with cyber certification

Experis helps Inspera, which works with digital exam solutions, to become Cyber ​​Essentials Plus certified.

Inspera AS is one of the leading suppliers for digital exam solutions and consists of an international team of edTech entrepreneurs and specialists. They offer innovative, reliable and secure exam solutions, with associated assistance for introduction and digital transformation at the educational institutions.

Inspera referanse Experis

In connection with several high-profile customers in the UK, the requirements for formalizing security work have increased. Inspera is now in a certification race to become Cyber Essentials Plus certified, a UK publicly funded certification scheme that many institutions have as a minimum requirement.

A Cyber Essentials Plus certification requires a number of technical checks, with associated supporting processes and proof of compliance. At Inspera, the employees have a lot of knowledge about safety, but there is a need to put the safety work in a system and ensure the necessary documentation. It must also be arranged for audit trails, without this significantly limiting flexibility and efficiency.

Experis assists Inspera in the certification process for Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

In the certification process, the security consultant from Experis is an important support player for the management in the development of new documentation and the implementation of this. The tasks include the development of processes for assigning identity and access control of privileged rights, the process for approving new applications, as well as guidelines for how employees must meet the minimum requirements for endpoint security.

Experis also assists with review and feedback of new policies within infrastructure and role descriptions, as well as advice on how the requirements for Inspera Assessment can best be reflected in documentation, and how processes should be further developed.