The recruitment process

All our consultants are experts within their area of expertise, and understand both the customer’s and your needs. They’ll work to find the right assignment or position for you, so that you both feel comfortable and can develop.

Our starting point is a desire to fulfill our consultants’ wishes and career goals, through the right assignment or position. When we find a potential match for you, we go through the process of evaluating whether you have the required background and experience, to be the right fit for our customer, and clarify both your and our customer’s expectations.

To us, it’s important to make sure that you’re satisfied as a candidate and the client as an employer. The hiring process is therefore transparent, clear and honest.  

High integrity

Whether you’re looking for a specific position or not, contact us and we’ll help you find a suitable mission or position. We’ll contact you directly and always work with high integrity standards.

Quality assured process

The first step of the hiring process is an interview. During this interview you’ll meet one of our recruiters or counselors, with in-depth understanding of your and the customer’s everyday life.

During the interview we will become better acquainted and the goal of this interview is to learn more about you, your skills, the experience that you have - in addition to your career goals and ambition.

At the same time, our wish is for you to learn more about Experis. Who we are, what we stand for and how it is to work as a consultant with us.

Having applied to a position

Following the first round of interviews, we assess all the candidates and determine which ones go through to the second interview.

We use various testing tools during the recruitment process. This ensures successful recruitment that satisfies both you and our customer.


As an Experis employee you’ll take part in a booting process, there you’ll meet your advisor and given access to all necessary information and documentation.

If you’re on your way to a mission, you’ll also meet the client and get detailed information about the job. An important part of the tour is also to visit with the company where you’ll be working.

You’ll get to know the organizational culture and work environment, and meet your new colleagues. We want to ensure you’re happy being a part of Experis.

It's important to us that you as a consultant feel like you’re a part of Experis. We arrange four annual consultant meetings, where the focus is socialising, networking and getting professional input. Several smaller gatherings are also conducted during the year, where anyone who wishes to, can participate.

In addition, we have our own networking groups on LinkedIn, for Finance, IT and Engineering. By enrolling in the current group, you’ll have the opportunity of participating in discussions, accessing relevant academic content and getting a better overview of what’s trending within your sector. 


Register your CV with us and search among all our available vacancies and missions, to see if you find something that catches your eye.

Our work is competence-based. This entails focusing on competence and skills when recruiting for various positions and assignments.