Marte Disen

When Marte started her Experis career in 2010, she had experience in software development for large storing systems (WMS). Over the past five years, she’s been an important part of the Experis IT team.


The first eight years after graduating, Marte worked as a system developer, responsible for quality assuring by testing the software. In 2010 she began working as a recruiter at Experis, a position she had for two years before becoming an advisor at Experis IT, where she has the responsibility for the recruiting and hiring processes.

"There has been two very exciting roles where I've had the opportunity of working with a wide range of clients in both the private and public sector. My everyday work life is varied, and I've been able to gain a lot of experience."

"I make a difference every day"

Marte has had good use of her experience from the IT industry at Experis. To her, it's proven especially valuable being able to understand the complexity of the work roles Experis recruits to, when assessing potential candidates.


Marte applied for a job at Experis due to the opportunity of using her IT background in a new way. "I wanted a position not directly related to programming, and so several elements in the role of Experis harmonised well with my ambitions."

Marte started working as a recruiter at Experis IT in 2010, primarily working with potential candidates. "As a recruiter my work mostly consisted of finding good and relevant work opportunities for the candidates I was working with. Working closely with people, and seeing the importance and impact of having the right job, was extremely motivating. We make a difference in a lot of people’s lives every day. Therefore I view my work as so valuable!"

Marte’s role in Experis

Today, Marte is the head of Experis IT’s recruitment department. She actively works with recruitment processes, and is also responsible for a recruitment team of skilled employees. "We work with recruitment for several types of positions within the IT segment. A lot of the time is spent researching and mapping out the candidates we’re in charge of."

Also outside of her primary tasks, Marte contributes to the work of developing the way we work at Experis. As the Process Manager of recruitment at Experis Norway, Marte works to ensure good and efficient work processes across all Experis departments.