Ahmad Said

My first assignment in Norway was through Experis Engineering for a major Oil & Gas company. I now work as a Project Manager for another large supplier within the the same sector.

"After working on new builds as a site supervisor, my ambitions have always been to join the energy sector and I was soon offered a position with an oil & gas supplier based in Dubai, UAE. This role took me to three continents working on various projects where I gained highly valuable experience and new sets of skills. Due to the unstable environment surrounding the Middle East it was decided I was to move back to Scandinavia, more precisely Norway, for its predicted prosperous future." 

Motivation to seek a job at Experis

"My first assignment in Norway was through Experis, working for a major local Oil & Gas company. I was recommended to approach Experis by my family, friends and even their competitor due to the fact that Experis is one of few recruiting companies that cater for all types of skills and seniority levels. Their market knowledge and client base is very strong and proven by their share in the market."  

Benefits of working for Experis

"After making first contact with Experis, I was extremely satisfied with the welcoming and helpful attitude of the consultants. Being new to the country and its rules and regulations, Experis made sure I settled in swiftly and comfortably, helping and advising whenever needed. The biggest advantages would be their knowledge about the market, client base, professionalism and the willingness to go that extra mile for you. Experis is an organization that sees and acknowledges the value in their employees as well as their clients and understands the importance of maintaining a good balance between both."      

Current assignment: Project Manager

"My latest and current assignment started just over a month ago, as a Project Manager for a major player in the Oil & Gas suppliers sector. I am currently working on two projects on two continents where I oversee the complete process of designing, manufacturing and delivering the company’s systems to the client. This of course involves many sub-tasks and routines that my team (consisting of Lead and Project engineers, Controllers, Planners, Package Responsible Engineers, Designers, etc.) perform on daily basis. It’s a role that never gets boring or repetitive and offers many valuable lessons."