Recruitment is an important investment. Our methodology is based on extensive experience and solid scientific knowledge. This ensures both quality and efficiency.

All our counsellors are certified, often in several testing tools and methods. They are experienced and are themselves experts within their working field.

Search and selection

Depending on the skills you´re looking for, we apply different methods and channels to identify and attract candidates with the appropriate background. Many of the relevant candidates are already part of our network or candidate base.

Specialists are strategically searched for, through our external network and databases and through targeted customized advertising, in both traditional and digital platforms. As experienced recruiters we´ve built up an extensive network of candidates, waiting for the right challenge.

Customized solutions

We of course take on both individual and volume recruit assignments. If you wish to take part in the process yourself, we can assist the parts of the process you wish for someone else to handle.

We can handle the first sorting of applications and present the most appropriate candidates, do the reference checking, conduct tests or offer “a second opinion”.  We can also function as an advisor when you perform internal recruitments or reorganize your company.