Competence development

Experis offers online training courses to all our consultants.

To ensure that you have the best possible development opportunities available, we cooperate with SkillSoft, a leading provider of online courses.

About SkillPort

Skillport provides access to an extensive collection of online courses, textbooks, mentoring and test exams, so that you have every opportunity to further educate yourself and receive confirmation certifications.

SkillPorts online solution allows you unlimited access, wherever or whenever it’s convenient for you to use.

SkillPort gives you access to thousands of different online courses, and complete information on the process required to receive confirmation of a successfully completed course.

SkillPort allows you to take the courses at the time that suits you best, and the opportunity to take part in the course several times, if there are parts of the curriculum you are unsure about. The system “remembers” how far you've come the last time you were logged-in, so you can easily pick up where you left off the next time.

It’s also possible to download the course material and read it offline. Most of the courses have a duration of two hours and are built up of modules, so you can test to see which of the educational modules you should focus on, before you begin. This helps prevent you spending time on parts of the curriculum you already have knowledge on.

To make sure you see it through, during a busy schedule, you can create an educational plan.  Then, the system will send you a reminder, whenever you’re not complying with your plan. Certification tests, associated to each module, provide the opportunity of testing you knowledge, before investing time and money on the final certification test.

How to register

Contact your Experis consultant and inquire about existing possibilities, relating to the training area you are most interested in. Your consultant has an overview of current trends and knows the types of expertise that is commonly sought for in your industry.

Based on your current job situation, we’ll arrange the curriculum best suited for you to reach you career goals.