Consultant services

Experis consists of 850 consultants, with expertise and experience within the fields of Finance, Engineering and IT.


On of our core services are filling specialist roles for a company, in the fields of Finance, Engineering or IT. Recruiting consultants for a limited time period can be a good way to contribute to the company´s growth. Through us, you receive access to a specialist, while at the same time ensuring a flexible economic model.

Our consultants are specialized in accounting, economics and management, engineering and IT.

Network of expertise

Use our services when you have the need to amplify your business, by engaging a specialist, either for a specific project or as part of a strategic, long-term solution.

We have consultants with extensive expertise in their respective fields, who are ready to take on long-term or short-term consulting assignments.

Are you facing changes, new projects or challenges that require specific expertise? We can meet your needs. We ensure you the number of consultants you need, who are highly skilled and able to start their assignment on short notice.

Academically updated

We engaged in making sure our consultants´ expertise stay up to date and develop. Through challenging and interesting consulting assignments, and skill upgrading training and courses, our consultants can always stay updated.

We believe people who are given the opportunity of developing their strengths and abilities are more satisfied and able to make bigger contributions to our clients.

Practical matters

As our client, you won´t have to spend time on the practical work an employment entails. We´re responsible for salary and social costs, as well as the administration. Your time is released, enabling you to focus on your business.